The Body Shop Discovery Day Head Office Visit

On June 27th, I took a three hour train journey (that was just one way!) to Littlehampton to attend The Body Shop Discovery Day. When you arrive at The Body Shop premises, you are met with a chinese resturant building. It’s some that you don’t come across everyday! The late Anna Roddick wanted the building to look exactly like a chinese resturant.


The purpose of the day was to bring publishers who are part of Linkshare to give an insight on the ethical aims of the brand, covering topics including The history of The Body Shop, Community Fair Trade, The Body Shop Foundation and ethical trading. Any staff that gets a job at The Body Shop go through a Discovery Day to get indepth knowledge about the brand and values.The day began with an introduction to the history of The Body Shop, focusing on the company’s commitment to it’s social responsiblity and its roots in activisim. This was followed by ethical trading which aims to be long term sustainble with mutual commitment with suppliers. Regular visits are made to factories to make sure everything is fine and workers are treated fairly. This is done once a year.

Spread-the-Love Anna-Roddick

The Community Fair Trade programme started 30 years ago through which the company works with their suppliers to improve working condition of the workers who make The Body Shop products. Buyers go out to various countries to source ingredients and pay suppliers a fair price and also make sure that the ingredients purchased has a benefit to their community. For example, when honey is purchased from Ethipoia this helps to preserve 10 nectors of beehives every year. The Body Shop are true example of fair trading. It’s a genuine relationship that brings the best of both worlds.

Community-Fair-Trade-and-Ethical Trade Support-Community-Fair-Trad The-Body-Shop-Ingreidents




One of highlights in the discussion was self-esteem which is one of their values. The Body Shop believes that true beauty comes from the heart. Beauty is more than just a pretty face. The Body Shop promotes positive female self-esteem and celebrates individuality. This is something that we need to be hearing more in the beauty world as I feel that women don’t feel 100% confident in themselves and a  reminder that should be part of our daily lives. Last year, Teenage Cancer Trust joined forces with The Body Shop January 2013 to help promote self-esteem to help teenagers who are going through cancer feel confident about themselves by giving makeovers and support during an extremely difficult time. At the recepetion I saw the stand for the charity and just had to donate and felt good about helping make a difference in someone’s life.


After the talk and lunch, we had a site tour followed by a session where we had an opporunity to made our own foundation which went horribly wrong for me as I couldn’t get my skin tone and realised that I added to much. Whoops! After this we made our own shower gel which was a lot of fun.

The-Body-Shop-Sign The-Body-Shop-Warehouse

Hand-Made-Soap-The-Body-Sho The-Body-Shop--Foundation The-Body-Shop-Foundation-Ma

At the end of the day we were given a two lovely gifts which I will be reviewing soon. Thanks so much The Body Shop and Linkshare for inviting me!




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  1. Dee
    July 17, 2014 at 9:17 AM (1 year ago)

    Looks like you all had a lovely day. I like TBS’ commitment to social responsibility and their ethical practices.


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