Pepper and Stew is now at Harrods!

African gourmet food company Pepper and Stew has announced their sauces and spice kits are now available at luxury department store Harrods. I’m genuinely happy for them as it will bring diversity to Harrods and a taste of Africa to London’s doorstep. I actually reviewed their delicious Jollof Rice cooking sauce a while back and makes it easier and quicker to prepare African dishes. There will be a numner of varieties to choose from including the classic Jollof sauce, Cape Malay Curry and the award-winning Egusi Stew. The three aromatic spice kits include Cape Malay Curry, Kelewele, and Suya, are perfect for summer to use asmarinades for meat, fish, chicken and vegetables for barbecues, salads and other light dishes. The spices and sauces will be available on the ground floor Food Hall to purchase.

Pepper and Stew Cooking Sauces

Cooking sauces: £4.95

Pepper and Stew Spice Kits

Spice kits: £2.50

Photo credit: Pepper and Stew


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  1. Uduak
    August 16, 2014 at 8:00 AM (5 months ago)

    Please when will it reach Queensland Australia. I don taya for all this spices wey no hot.


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