How to Become a Famous Youtuber

Be a Famous Youtuber


Have you ever dreamt of becoming the next big Youtuber? Following the footsteps of Zoella, Jenna Marbles or Tanya Burr? Travelling around the world and having millions of subscribers? Here are 9 steps to achieve Youtube success.

1. Get into daily vlogging

Invest in a HD video camera and get out and about! From shopping at Tesco to having a delicious Mocha at Starbucks. It doesn’t matter if everyone is looking at you funny it’s the #youtubelife. They’ll never understand.

2. Have multiple channels

Have a main channel for hauls, tutorials, lookbooks, monthly favourites, your morning beauty routine and DIY projects. The second: a vlog channel (see above). The third: personal, deep, lifestyle topics including how be happy, how to worry less. The fourth: tag videos from 50 Things about Me to Draw My life. Last but not least a collab channel. Collaborate with famous Youtubers and do challenges that will get people commenting and subscribing. Return the favour and to the same for their channel. Yes it’s a lot of work but you need it to get viewers! Don’t forget to upload everyday. You don’t want to disappoint your viewers!

3. Make sure to film with a bokeh background, candles light and uklele music

This will make your videos look cool. Be sure to get an expensive DSLR camera to do this. Doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to use it. That’s what all the other famous Youtubers are doing.

4. Follow popular Youtubers with a verified Twitter account with 500,000+ followers

As an inspiring Youtuber, your main goal is to get famous so you’ve gotta follow the popular Youtubers. Look out for that blue symbol with a check sign and follow them. Make sure to send them tweets, retweet and favourite their tweets. Don’t forget to tweet, Instagram and Facebook your video links all over the web 24/7. It’s the only way to become famous and successful, right?

5. Get in a relationship with another Youtuber

You’ll be the centre of attention in the Youtube world by getting in a relationship with a famous Youtuber however, there are a couple of things to look out for. Must have a lot of subscribers, views (obviously) and fangirls so that viewers get jealous of your relationship. Your dedicated fans will create a special ship name just for you and your lover. Sell merchandise so your viewers can buy t-shirts, hats and sunglasses with your ship name and photo on it.  You can even go the extend of creating a vlogging channel just show off how amazing your love life is.

6. Accept any PR freebies that come your way

You’ve worked hard on your Channel(s) so you deserve any freebie that comes your way. It doesn’t matter if it’s dog food or a garden shovel. It may not fit with your beauty haul or October favourites but shows how influential you’ve become.

7. Open a PO Box

Fans love to give their favourite Youtubers present to show their support and appreciation. Open up a PO Box and demand thoughtful and expensive gifts. No letters or drawings. That’s not good enough! 

8. Attend Events and look out for famous Youtubers

When going to events be sure to mingle with famous bloggers and youtubers. Take pictures with them to show that you  genuinely know them and put it up on social media.

DIsclaimer: Obviously is this a joke and meant to be a light-hearted post. Please don’t take it heart and it’s not meant to offend anyone. I wouldn’t recommend following these rules to become a famous Youtuber. Blogging is similar to  Youtube and it’s all about being passionate, learning and searching, networking with other Youtubers/bloggers and knowing what works for you!









VLISCO Splendeur Collection

VLISCO is back with a bad-ass collection called Splendeur and it words CANNOT describe the beauty of the dutch wax fabrics. There’s so much uniqueness, detailing and colour that it makes it worth the investment. There are over 20+ prints to choose from so picking one will cause a dilemma! Even picking images from the lookbook was a challenge for me how much more purchasing! It’s mesmerizing and appealing with different patterns that tell a story. I hope to one day own a VLISCO print. That would be splendid!

VLISCO African Prints FabricsVLISCO Splendour Collection Dutch Wax

Photo credit: VLISCO


6 Bad-ass Block Heel Platforms

Although I don’t wear heels often, I do enjoy looking through the high heel section at stores to see what’s new for the season. One particular trend that has caught my eye are block heel platforms. It has that bit of support and perfect for those who have mastered the mid heel and want to become high heel walker experts. It’s versatile and would work particularly well with the 90s trend (Spice Girls anyone?).


1. ASOS Haunted Floral Print Block Heels, £50 | 2. Miss Selfridge Black and Gold Block Heels, £39 | 3. Office Blue Snake Skin Heels, £15 | 4. River Island Brown Leopard Print Pony Hair Platforms, £35 | 5. Missguided Neon Pink Platform Block Heels, £32.99 | 6. Topshop Lenni2 Monochrome Snakeskin Chunky Platforms, £55

Are you are a high heel expert? Do you wear heels often or once in a while? Which block heel styles are in your Shopping Trolley?


Blogger Blues


Source: Stay Classy and Love Fashion

Blogger Blues. It’s the one thing bloggers hate having. You go on your Blogger/Wordpress account and click new post. You begin write a few sentences and your mind goes blank. You come up with 5 blog post ideas and you end up scraping all of them. Blogging feels like a chore and no fun anymore. You spend hours editing and writing a post only to get no comments or even like or a retweet. You think to yourself is it really worth it? Should I quit blogging for good? I’m feeling a bit lost with my blog lately and having serious blogger blues. I’m happy with my niche because it’s different from what you come across on most blogs but it needs a kick. Sort of like adding spices to a bland meal. Here are 6 areas I’m struggling with on my blog:

1. Engagement

My pageviews have doubled over the past couple of months which I’m pleased about however my returning visitors are at rock bottom and gets me worried. Blogging articles stress over finding your blog’s voice and I can’t seem to find mine. I’ve tried so hard to engage with readers but nothing is working. If I don’t engage with my readers how can they relate to me?  I see blogging as going to a restaurant or visiting a store. The staff wants to make sure they offer the best service, choices and experience so that the customer comes back for more. I want my content be like that. I would love to have discussions with my readers in the comments. For me that makes a great blog and you’re not just talking to yourself.

2. Personality

This can also fall under engagement. I don’t show my personality enough on my blog. Usually when you read blog posts, bloggers like to share personal stories/events with a chatty, friendly tone. It really sucks that I don’t do this and it’s something that I seriously need to work on.

3. Outfit Posts

In the beginning of the year I mentioned that I wanted to do outfit posts but never really did a proper one expect the one for F&F. I would love to show off my fashion sense on my blog and offer ways to wear African clothing as everyday wear in addition to My Shopping Trolley posts. The only problem is that African clothing is quite pricey and you have to do a lot of digging around to find brands that are affordable with great fitting. I did have a tripod but it was too short so on the hunt for a new one. I plan to put some money to one side for outfit posts but will make sure not to go overboard as I want to spend wisely.

4. Blog Content

Another problem I’m having with my blog is writing unique content. Do I do more personal style posts or introduce weekly segments?  It’s so hard to come up with something different as everything has been done before. There are so many blogs writing the same topics: hauls, favourites, empties and dupes.  What I’ve realised is that I need to stick to what I know and what I’m good at as it will flow naturally. I need to sit down snd see which content works best for my blog and take it from here. If I come up with something unique great if not then I’m not going to stress over it.

5. Working with Brands

Ever since I started blogging back in 2011, I’ve been lucky to work with a number of brands from sponsored posts, attending events and doing reviews. However I want to take things further. I want to learn how to write a great pitch and to go beyond freebies and reviews. I want to bring great benefits and add value to brands by being authentic and personal to make the partnership worthwhile.

6. Tweaking up my blog layout regularly

I’m in the works of doing a bit of tweaking on my blog a layout so that it’s fresh and shows that I’m active! I seriously need a new profile picture and want to do up my about me page and disclaimer so that it shows what I’m about.

Final Words

To be honest, I don’t want to be famous or the next Zoella or Susie Bubble. I’m not sure if I want to be a full-time professional blogger but I want my blog to be a place where you hang out and enjoy the content and would love to make a bit of money. My blog should be like going a great party and never wanting to leave. Kinda sounds cheesy/weird but I think that’s best way to describe it. Hopefully I can make all this all reality.

Have you suffered from blogger blues before and/or writers block? How did you overcome it? Where do you look for inspiration? What makes a good blog and keeps you coming back for more?


The Body Shop 24 Days of Body Loving Advent Calendar

Calling all beauty obessed out there who love all things festive! The Body Shop has launched  24 days of Body Loving Joy with the best of The Body Shop Advent calendar. As you open each door up until Christmas Eve, each day will contain a beauty surprise from the iconic White Musk Fragrance, Shea Body Butter and Vitamin E Moisture Cream. The Body Shop’s latest ranges will also be featured including the luxurious Wild Argan Oil, Colour Crush Nail Colour and the Special Edition Glazed Apple. To make things even more special, with each calendar purchased, a donation to The Body Shop’s charity partner War Child will be made so you can send a child in a war-torn areas to class.  A perfect gift for those who are want a brighter future. The calendar will be available from tomorrow in selected stores and online.

 24 Days of Joy Body Shop Advent Calendar

Photo credit: The Body Shop | RRP: £50, Worth RRP: £83


Unisex African Print Snoods by Ines Kitoko

African accessoires label Ines Kitoko has released a new collection of snoods for the autumn/winter season. Each snood is lined with a fleece layer and finished off with an African print design that will keep your neck nice and warm. The best part is that you can customise your order to go with your personal taste so get your creative juices flowing! If you’re going to around London town on the 11th October 2014 Ines Kitoko will be at the African on the Square event where she will be selling her gorgeous snoods along with her jewellery designs. There will be food and other designers on the day so go along to support African talent in the UK.

Ines Kitoko African Print Snoods

Photo credit: Ines Kitoko

Are you a fan of African prints? Will you be wearing a snood for autumn/winter?

Ines Kitiko: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

6 Key Staples for Autumn 2014

You know Autumn is here when it gets darker earlier and you go to check the time and realize it’s only 8pm. Now that there’s chills in the air, it’s time to change our wardrobe to go with the colder season. Think chunky knits, thick coats and statement boots. Investing in autumn staples is important especially places likes England where the weather is unpredictable.

AW14 Key Staples

1.  River Island Light Blue Oversized Coat, £80

This coat brings the summer vibes over to autumn with its light blue colour palette. Oversized in style and on trend, there’s enough room for layering and features a single button and two jet pockets.

2. Missguided Tartan Shift Dress, £24.99

What I love about this little number is the tartan “Ghana must go print” . It’s classic and pays homage to the 60s style shift dress but with a fresh approach. Wear with a pair of thick tights to keep your legs warmed up.

H&M White  Jumper and Warehouse Chelsea Cutout Boots



3. H&M White Knit Cable Jumper, £14.99

How cute is this jumper?!  White isn’t a colour most people would go for when it comes to autumn shopping but once styled up with a pair of jeans or a skater skirt it may give you a change of heart. And for £14.99 it’s a steal!

4. Warehouse Brown Cutout Chelsea Boots, £65

No autumn wardrobe is complete with boots. From ankle to knee-length styles, you’re spoilt for choice. These cutout Chelsea style boots is made from premium leather so it’s guaranteed to last for seasons to come.


5.  New Look Red Zip Bowler Bag, £22.99

You can never go wrong with a bright red bag as it will add that pop of colour during the dull days. It’s roomy and perfect for those daily essentials. You can even wear it across the body if you fancy.

6. Yendi Umbrella, £26.82

If you live in the UK you MUST have an umbrella otherwise you’re on your own. I love this African print style by South African brand Babatunde. Would make you shine even when it’s pouring!

Do you have any autumn staples you swear by? What do you love most about autumn? What are some of your favourite pieces from this post?


Stella Jean SS15 Collection

Milan Fashion Week Fashion isn’t complete with Stella Jean. She’s print royalty and I’m such a huge fan of her designs even though I’ve said this a million times! I had look through her SS15 collection and she never disappoints! She’s always bringing something new to the table while still keeping to her true style. There’s more clashing prints and beautiful colours in mannish, ladylike and tomboyish silhouettes that transports you to a tropical paradise. I would love to attend her ishow someday.  That would be a dream come true!

Stella Jean SS15

MFW Stella Jean

Photo credit: Luca Sorrentino  and Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana

 Are you a fan of Stella Jean? Are you fan of prints and can you see yourself wearing any of these designs? What has been your favourite shows from fashion month?

Alassala Moroccan Black Soap Review

On Monday I reviewed the Foero Cleansing brush and as promised, today’s post will be focusing Alassala Moroccan black soap. I’ve never used a black soap or heard of Alassala before so was keen to try it out and would give me a chance to explore various skin care products.

Moroccan Black Soap

C/O Alassala Moroccan Black Soap, £12.99 (200g)

Soap features:

  • Alassala black soap is a 100% plant product made from an olive oil pulp and organic Argan Oil making it rich in Vitamin 
  • Ingredients: Potassium Olivate, Aqua, Sodium, Potassium Hydroxyde, Argan Oil 
  • A natural emollient. Exfoliator and moisturizer
  • Helps to cleans/detoxify your skin leaving a smooth and silky finish
  • Claims to be the secret to a clean, healthy, radiant skin
  • Removes dead cells and toxins
  • Reduces dryness, flakiness and improves skin elasticity and firmness
  • Suitable for all skin types – particularly dry to mature skin


At first glance I like the jar packaging as it’s compact and doesn’t take much room. The packaging design is simple and blends with the colour of the soap- giving it an ethnic feel to it. The soap itself isn’t black but more of a golden/brown colour and beautiful natural smell that isn’t overpowering.




To apply the soap on your skin, make sure that your bath/shower is hot and steamy so that your skin moist enough for the soap to really work. I applied to my face and it literally melted on my skin. Like butter on hot bread! Once applied you leave for 10 minutes. The application suggests to use The Moroccan Exfoliating Glove but didn’t have one so instead my Foreo skin cleansing brush to finish of the treatment. After the first use my skin felt smooth and rejuvenated and  with the results. I would rate the soap 10/10 and would highly recommend to those who love spa like natural skin care products without the overpowering smell with no strange ingredients. It’s a perfect way to treat yourself especially during the colder months when the weather can really be harsh on your skin. 

Have you heard of Alassala before and tried any of their products? Are you a fan of black soaps and if so have you used any?



6 Embellished Cuff Bracelets for your Wrists

Here’s another jewellery themed Shopping Trolley. If you missed my stacked rings post you can check that out. Today I’ll be focusing on embellished cuff bracelets featuring colourful stones and sequins that will add that glamour to your outfit. I came across some beautiful designs in Company magazine and thought to do a post with some gorgeous pieces for jewellery lovers out there that will have your back account screaming. Are you a fan of embellished cuffs?  Which designs are your favourite?


1. Stella Jean at Farfetch Unica Pineapple Cuff, £171.14 | 2. Dorothy Perkins Pastel Stone Cuff, £12.50 | 3. Miss Selfridge Rhinestone Flower Cuff, £10 | 4. Topshop Thread Wrapped Cut-out Cuff, £14.50 |  5. Chelsea Doll Gold Jewel Embelished Cuff Bracelet, £6 | 6. ASOS Back Stage Cuff Bracelet, £10

ASOS Africa AW14 Collection

Online fashion retailer ASOS is back again with a smash hit collection for ASOS Africa. If you’re a regular reader on of my blog, you may know that I’m a huge fan of ASOS Africa so I’m delighted to write about their latest collection once again. This year ASOS Africa is celebrating its tenth season (gone so fast!) featuring a real statement collection featuring autumnal African florals, kanga prints and Jacquard on beautiful separates from the classic pencil skirt, dresses and this season’s duster coat. AMAZING!

ASOS Africa collection ASOS African prints ASOS

Photo credit: ASOS

Are you a fan of ASOS Africa? Do you think they’ve stepped up for their 10th season? Which pieces from the AW14 collection are on your wish list?

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