Taking a Break from Blogging….

Take a break from blogging

While everyone is preparing for Christmas and creating those all important new-year-new-you New Year Resolutions, I’ve thinking about my blog. Today’s post should really be me reflecting on the year and my plans for PGF 2015. However this isn’t the case. After brainstorming blog post ideas for January 2015, it dawned on me that I’m not enjoying blogging as much as I used to. 

I’ve been blogging since November 2011 which will make it four years in 2015 and it’s been an experience. Blogging has been an expensive, difficult but fun hobby. Initially my blog covered regular fashion news and went more niche in 2013 focusing on African fashion. I’ve been blessed to have worked with a number of well-known brands, attend events, meet other blogger and receive freebies. But in the mist of it all, the passion that I had when I started had vanished. Gone are the days that I would be on my laptop almost every day scheduling posts, researching ideas, taking part in blogger chats and reaching out to brands through email and Twitter. I had a  desire to blog and build it into a brand but that is no longer the dream.

I though that this phase would wear off and even went to the extent of reading blogging related posts on how grow your readership, developing ideas for blog posts and even wrote a few myself . I’ve learnt that not all advice on blogging works for everyone and it’s all trial and error. Lots of lots of trial and error. I introduced various series on my blog only to scrap it in the end. I even deleted posts and changed up my writing.

To be brutally honest, the blogosphere is heavily saturated. Everyone is trying to get noticed and rack up those pageviews and get thousands of followers. There’s also jealously and gossip involved. You wonder why some bloggers who started the same time as you have double the readership and get opportunities while you’re just scraping by. The truth is only a few will succeed in the blogging world. Not everyone can a “famous blogger” and write books and launch makeup lines. Some say it could be timing while others say it’s hard work and dedication. I didn’t go into blogging to get famous, I just wanted a place where I could share my thoughts and build a readership I’ve worked tirelessly on my blog and feel that it’s not growing to its full potential. I also noticed that it’s not helped me grow as a person or made me confident or improved anything in my life whatsoever. Yes opportunities have come by but that’s just about it. Perhaps African fashion is too niche or my writing isn’t up to scratch. Don’t really know to be honest. I wanted to create something different as I didn’t want to be another blog that is owned by a 20-something-year-old girl who loves cupcakes and has a beauty addiction covering done to death content.

So I’m taking a break. Not sure how long I will be or if I’ll come back but I’ll keep you updated all the same. I know this is a sad post and not a great way to end the year but I just want to be honest. Thanks to everyone who has been reading my blog from the start or has recently stumbled across it. I appreciate every single one of you! Thanks so much! Will still be on Twitter and Facebook. I’m also on Pinterest too.

Merry Christmas and have wonderful 2015!

Christmas Party Outfit Ideas #3

This is the last post for my Christmas Party Outfit ideas series and my final Shopping Trolley post for 2014! If you missed part one and two you can click on the links for inspiration. I hope you enjoyed all my Shopping Trolley posts throughout the year and there will be lots more in 2015 so stay tuned :)


Outfit one: 1. River Island Black Satin Wrap Crop Top, £28 | 2. My Asho African Print Full Skirt, £45 | 3. New Look Blue Platform Court Shoes, £19.99

Outfit two: 1. Dorothy Perkins Gold Shimmer Tee £31.50 | 2. Tina Lobondi African Print Pencil Skirt at Sapelle | 3. J by Jasper Red Court Shoes, £40

Outfit three: 1. Coast Ruvern Sequin Top, £65 | 2. Oasis Jade Stretch Skinny Black Jeans, £40 | 3. Topshop Gemini Metallic Court Shoes, £46 




Ethical Accessories Label A A K S Launches in the UK

There’s a new ethical luxury accessories label in the UK that wants to change perceptions of Africa through fashion called  A A K S . The label is owned by Ghanaian fashion designer Akosua Afriyie-Kumi who has interned at a number of fashion houses including Peter Pilotto and Matthew Williamson before going at it on her own in 2013 when she decided to set up A A K S in Ghana. You’ll find an array of beautiful raffia bags handmade by a women’s cooperative in Bolgatanga, northern Ghana. The brand uses ethical processes and age-old craft traditions while placing craftsmanship as the main player. It takes approximately one week to complete a handbag and bears the fingerprints of the person who fashioned it and a signature tag to prove its authenicity.  

A A K S Ethical Raffia bags Ghana African Hand-crafted bags

Photo credit: A A K S

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