Osei-Duro AW14 Collection

Winter will be the least thing on your mind but couldn’t help to share Osei-Duro AW14 ready-to-wear collection- “Cut from the Same Cloth”. You’ll find Osei-Duro’s signature hand-dyed silk pieces on casual silhouettes while adding a more structured dimenson with wool and linen outer layers. The collection is beautifully designed for the colder months in a dark colour palette featuring black, navy blue, maroon, purple and grey. Key pieces include pull over tops, skirts, trousers, turtlenecks and cosy outerwear. It’s a wearable collection and in line with Osei-Duro asethic of using traditional batik tie-dye and dip-dyeing tecniques to create imaginative prints. Here are the highlights:

Osei-Duro AW14 Coats

Osei-Duro AW14 Hand-dye Silk

 Apart from the AW14 collection, Osei-Duro has launched it’s first jewellery line featuring Ghanaian beads and metalwork traditions. Check out these beauties below:

Osei-Duro AW14 Necklaces Jewellery Osei-Duro Jewellery

Photo credit: Osei-Duro




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