5 Types of High Street Shoppers

High street shoppers


The high street is filled with shoppers that are out and about from getting an outfit for a wedding to a new wardrobe. There are so many different types of shoppers each set with a goal to make a purchase.

Here are 5 types of high street shoppers:

1.The Bargain Hunter

This shopper is always on the hunt for bargains. You will always find them rummaging through the clearance rails, queuing up for hours on boxing day and searching for promo codes. Always loaded with vouchers and gift cards.

2. The Last Minute Shopper

This shopper always comes into store 5 minutes before closing. There are two types of last-minute shoppers:

The first comes in frantic looking around for the item and fumbling through their purse when it comes to payment

The second comes into the store, casually browsing around like it’s just opened and proceeds to pick up several items, trying them, making a mess and asking if it comes in different colours and sizes. This shopper is inconsiderate and doesn’t care if you need to go home. Afterall, customers come first right?

3. The Refunder

Every week, this shopper comes to store buying one thing or another only to come back a week later to refund. The item is always “unsuitable” and returns the item and then looks around sees something else and the whole process starts again.

4. The Rude Shopper

This shopper comes in with a bad attitude and is always ready to kick up a fuss. From not being able to get a refund due to losing their receipt to not being served on time, this shopper will complain about every little thing. The “speak to a manager” line is a classic with them and has trading standards on speed dial.

5. The Loyal Shopper

Lastly, this customer is a dedicated fan. From store cards to loyalty cards, this shopper goes all out to be part of the brand from wearing their items from head to toe to knowing all the stock in store.


Are you any of these type of shoppers? What do you enjoy about shopping? What are your pet peeves?



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