The Sad but Honest Truth about Social Media


I have to admit, there’s not a day that I’m not on social media.

As soon as I wake up, I reach for my phone, check Facebook, Instagram stories at work and then I finish off with Youtube videos at night. It’s such a bad habit as you can spend hours just scrolling through pictures.

Social media is still primarily used to connect with family and friends, however, over the years, this has now shifted to funny videos, live feeds, memes and paid collaborations with brands.

As much as I enjoy spending time on social media and seeing what people get up to, it does have a dark side:

When you see constantly see perfect profiles with sandy beaches, Peruvian wigs and designer clothing, it creates jealousy, comparison and FOMO. Young girls see these profiles and believe this is what life is about.

Unfortunately, not all that glitters is gold especially after the #visabae incident where people questioned her lifestyle:

  • Why is she asking for money when she’s living this glamorous lifestyle?
  • Why hasn’t she sorted out her visa all this while?
  • Why doesn’t she sell her designer handbags?

I can understand where people are coming from as when you see an influencer that is wealthy on Instagram,  you think that they don’t need money and but if they create an Instagram story opening up about what they’re going through, it comes across as if they’re just crying for attention.

It’s cliche to say but you can have all the money in the world but be unhappy. That couple that so you see constantly travelling may have had a rough start to their life and are now successful. That Youtuber that has 10 million followers may have failed to start their Youtube career numerous of times and finally got their big break. That blogger that has so many designer clothes out have taken out loans to fund her lifestyle.

You can’t know a person just by looking at their feed but what I do know is that life is too short so don’t stress out about finding that perfect filter. I want to be known for the things that I’ve achieved on earth rather than being known as the girl with the perfect hair. When you die, no one isn’t going be praising you for having the perfect filter and rose gold decor. Live life to the fullest and within your means, work hard and know you value. Don’t compare your life to others and focus on your own lane and finish strong.


Are you addicted to social media? How do you control your social media usage?


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  • Kaari


    Lately, I have been on social media A LOT. Because I started my Instagram some weeks ago, and now I am actively growing it. At the first week I didn’t realllly get it, what should I do with it, but now I know if I work, my following grows nicely every day. But I wouldn’t do it this way, sitting hours in front of my PC and looking at my smartphone everywhere like a crazy person if I wouldn’t plan this to be my business…

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