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Sugary Sweet Pastels

You know it’s summer when you see pastels popping across the high street and brings that chilled holiday vibe.

Think soft, relaxed hues that are sugary sweet from lilac to blush tones. The pastel trend is timeless and so easy to style.  It pretty much does the work for all you and all you need to do is pair with neutral colours, a pair of jeans or even another pastel colour. 

What’s your favourite pastel colour? 


1. Earrings | 2. Heels | 3. Chiffon Blue Blouse | 4. Green Bag | 5. Necklace | 6. Shorts | 7. Yellow Blouse | 8. White Skirt | 9. Peach dress | 10. Brooch | 11. Watch | 12. Blazer | 13. Orange shoe | 14. Chain Bag



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