8 Types of Mobile Hairdressers that Annoy Every Black Woman

Afro-Caribbean hair is beautiful, unique and versatile. Ranging from natural to relaxed textures,  you can go from a cute bob to box braids. One of the biggest challenges of having Afro-Caribbean hair is finding a decent mobile black hairdresser especially in the UK where it’s a refer-a-friend system and most are based in cities such as London meaning long commutes at an extra cost. Although there are salons, some consist of long waits, hairdressers that don’t have a clue about hair types and unprofessionalism. Below I’ve gathered 9 types of mobile hairdressers that annoy every black woman on the planet. Please note that not all hairdressers/salons are unprofessional but you have to do a lot of research beforehand to avoid disappointment.  



The Fully Booked Hairdresser

No matter how far in advance you call this hairdresser, she is always fully booked. You plead with her to squeeze you in during the weekend but she has no time to do your hair. The earliest time is 6 months from now Thursday evening. 


The Latecomer

You get yourself ready for your appointment and wait in the living from for the hairdresser to arrive. Thirty minutes past. where is she? You call her only to find out she’s not left her house and won’t be here for another hour. 


The Double-Booker

This has happened to me before, let me tell you the story. I got to the hairdresser for my appointment only to see another customer getting her hair done!  I was so confused and even had to ask my hairdresser if I had gotten my appointment time wrong. She told me my appointment was correct but didn’t realise that she booked someone else at the same time and just carried on with the customer’s hair like it was nothing! I asked her how long it’s going to take to finish and said three hours that I can wait till it’s done. I was so pissed off with her and didn’t apologise for her error or better still call me to let me know the situation and then perhaps ask me to come later on in the day or another day or offer a discount. I walked out of her place and never returned since.  


 The Unconfident Hairdresser 

A confident hairdresser is so important and gives you the assurance that you’re in safe hands. This hairdresser constantly asks you if you like the hair, reads the relaxer instructions, keeps redoing the same braid and takes longer than usual to do a hairstyle that should take no longer than 2 hours. 


The Tight Braider

This hairdresser insists the tighter the braid the longer the style will last. No matter how many times you mention  “it’s too tight” the braids keep getting tighter and tighter that it gets to a point where can’t move your face and you wonder how you’re going to sleep tonight.


The Expensive Hairdresser

This hairdresser is super pricey. No matter how simple the style is, she will charge you an extortionate amount of money. You try to bring the costs down she insists cornrows are £70 and this doesn’t include the cost of hair and transport fare. 


The Hairdresser with Children

I don’t have a problem with hairdressers that have children, the problem I do have is when they are running around, screaming, crying, shouting and wanting their mum to carry them. Most customers want to do their hair in peace and hairdressers should either control their kids or put them in a nursey or leave them with a relative. 


The Freewill Hairdresser

This hairdresser wants to do as she pleases. Want a trim? cuts your hair into an uneven bob. Have natural hair? insists on putting relaxer on to make her work easier. Suffering from hair loss? proceeds to do braids.


I hope you are having a great Easter and enjoyed reading my post. Have you had any of these type of hairdressers before? What do you look for in a hairdresser? Any bad experiences with hairdressers? Let me know in the comments!





  • Missy May

    Happy Easter to you too beautiful!! Interesting post here. Ha!! I haven’t had a bad experience before, but I remember when I was a kid back in Africa. We went to a holiday in Cote D’Voire and I had to get my hair conrolled. -And the hairdresser used this comb which had a shiny sharpness to part my hair. The amount of pressure she put on it almost tore my scalp apart. LOL!! OMG it was so painful!

  • Tayo Jaiyesimi

    Its so painful how much I was nodding along to this…the hairdresser with children, latecomer and fully booked are the most annoying. For a long time its why I did not enjoy getting my hair done. Now I’ve found one I trust and does my hair well I really don’t want to go back to these behaviours! 😫 Great post!

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