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Black Panther: A Celebration of Black Excellence

I’m not a huge fan of films but ever since Black Panther hit cinemas, I’ve been filled with joy seeing moviegoers showing so much love and support all over Instagram, even to the point where they are kitted in full-fledged native attire- celebrating African fashion. Black Panther has grossed over $404 million worldwide (over £282 million) and set the record for the biggest debut by an African American director. While doing research on the film, I came across an article discussing the success of Black Panther and I scrolled down to the comments and saw the following:

“This is getting ridiculous this is just a movie” 


“How is it groundbreaking? If you’re trying to say because of the black lead movie there have been plenty of others”

This made me laugh because when Star Wars and Harry Potter come out with a film, die-hard fans are wearing themed clothing dressing like the main characters or when you go and see your favourite football team you wear the jersey but when black people do it, the whole thing is over the top and “ridiculous”.

Black Panther isn’t just another “superhero movie” but a celebration of black excellence. Seeing an all-black cast movie filled talented actors and actresses is what Hollywood needs right now. Seeing a black superhero for one is refreshing. Young kids can inspire and relate to someone like them. A hero. Black Panther is an inspiration to the younger generation to show anything is possible when you bloody work hard to achieve a goal/dream. 

The black community shall not be silenced and we shall make our voice, creativity and presence known. This is what I want to achieve with my new blog. I want to inspire my readers, to be a platform to showcase my creativity, work with black brands and embrace my Nigerian culture. I applaud  Patricia Bright and Shirley who are paving the way for young black women in the Youtube and blogging community and we still need more black bloggers/youtubers. We need more influencers. As a woman of colour, I’ve realised that I need to work twice as hard to get ahead in life as unfortunately this society is still sadly filled with racism and under-presentation ethnic groups. 

If you’re the only black person in your office, don’t let that knock you down, embrace it and make yourself know, make a positive impact. If you have a name that is too long to pronounce don’t be ashamed about it, in fact put it as your first name. If Arnold Schwarzenegger can be pronounced then your name can too. We deserve to be celebrated and shouldn’t let the colour of our skin hold us back from achieving great things. 


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