Adulting is Tough

Being an adult is bloody tough. I remember when I was a kid I was always wishing to be an adult. You get to stay up late, go wherever you want, have lots of money, eat pizza every day. If only that were true!  If I could go back in time I would I have said to myself enjoy your childhood and stop wanting to grow up so quickly. 

Unfortunately,  school doesn’t prepare you for adult life- e.g finances, grocery shopping and raising children. When you complete your degree and wear that graduation gown you have stepped into adulting. Off you go into the big wide world. 

Yes, you get the freedom to do what you want but has to be done with a responsible mindset.

For instance, you have to decide what’s important. Getting your hands on the latest designer shoes or paying your rent. When you go grocery shopping, you need to budget and make sure that you’re getting the essentials and learn how to cook Jollof rice.  Not living on Mcdonalds everyday. 

You have to juggle so many things and can be overwhelming- your career, paying the bills, having a social life, keeping fit and making time for yourself. If you are married, you got your husband and children to think about. If you’re single and come from an African family, your mother is nagging you about marriage. “Bisola when are getting married? You are almost 30 years old. Your mates are already married and having children. I am not getting any younger o! I want to see my grandchildren.” 

To be honest with you, adulting takes a lot of time, patience, determination and commitment. Unfortunately, there’s no manual on adulthood. You can only do your best, learn from mistakes and just keep moving because, at the end of the day, the world will not slow down for you to catch up. It’s a world full of pressure. By age 25 society says you should be married, have a house, debt free with kids but life doesn’t work that way. Everyone’s journey is different and comparing yourself to other people doesn’t get you anywhere. Focus on your own life and journey and don’t beat yourself up. The only regret in life is not the things we’ve done but the things we haven’t done. 

The important thing is to be happy and believe you can make it through life, regardless of the ups and downs. No one is perfect.  It’s cliche to say but you only live once so make it count. 

Do you find it tough being adult? Do you feel society adds pressure to have it all together?


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