8 Etiquette Rules To Follow When Attending Nigerian Parties

When it comes to Nigerian parties, we are known for our flamboyant decor, exclusive guest list and great food. In a nutshell, It’s a carnival of colours, music and fun. When it comes to attending Nigerian parties, there are a few etiquette rules that should be followed to ensure that you have a fabulous time. 

 If the Invite says 2 pm, arrive at 6 pm. This is called African time

The number one rule for attending Nigerian parties is to make sure you arrive four hours from the time stated on the invitation. Arriving at 2pm on the dot will:

1. Make you frustrated as you’re wondering where everyone is

2. You will end up standing around watching the decor and catering team set up 

3. You would have left when the party is now starting, wasting time, money and aso ebi (dress code for the day)

Feel Free to Invite a +1 Even Though You Have One Invitation

At Nigerian parties, the more the merrier. If you want to invite one of your friends from work and another four from your church go ahead. Just show up to the party and enjoy.

Bear in mind that it may be a tight squeeze as the hall has a 200 seat capacity and there are an extra 100 people. Although I said in my previous point to arrive much later, don’t arrive too late as there will be a number of tables reserved for special guests and when you do eventually find an empty seats the person on the table will say some people are sitting there when in reality the person and/or people are still with the makeup artist at home or battling with their gele. 

 The High Table

This table is the most important table of them all. Reserved for key family members, socialites and the celebrant. They are separate from everyone else and food and drinks are served from their seats. 

 Be Prepared for Long Food Queues and Tight-ass Servers

Usually, the MC calls the guests table by table to queue but you get some people from other tables who are impatient getting up to get food. You will also see people with plastic containers jumping the queue taking a mixture of food. Be prepared for tight-ass servers (not in all parties) that can be stingy when it comes to food only serving you a small portion of rice and shouting “one chicken person” again this depends on the server. I’ve been to parties where I’ve had so much to eat and there’s even an opportunity to go for seconds.

There’s a Chance to Take Food Home

I said earlier that you will see people with containers jumping the queue. These people are close friends or family members of the celebrant so they will get dips on the food over well-wishers. Not only do you get to enjoy the food on the day but over the next couple of days. Jollof rice all day every day!

Your Jewellery has to be on point

Jewellery is a key factor when it comes to your outfit. You got to go big or go home. Parties are the perfect opportunity to flaunt your jewels especially if it’s expensive. The key styles are all gold or beaded. 

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 You Will be Sprayed While Dancing

Nigerians love to dance. Especially busting moves like Shoki and Azonto. The live band is playing away and you’re getting sprayed with dollars. If you’re a hot stepper, you will be drenched with money. 

 Party Favours

At the end of a long night, you will be given party favours as a thank you for coming. This consists of trays, frying pans, key rings, notebooks, pens and many more. 

Hope you enjoyed my post and let me know if you regularly attend Nigerian/African parties. What do you love and also dislike about them’? 


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