4 Things I’ve Missed About Blogging

Wow, I can’t believe I’m blogging again. The last time I posted was back in 2015!

I know it’s cliche to say “fresh start” but starting up this blog again is a fresh start for me. A chance to work on a clean slate-  producing new and exciting content.

To be honest, I never thought that I would ever quit blogging.  But it happened. After 4 years of blogging, I became drained with no passion and motivation.  To make matters worse, I lost all my content and was absolutely devastated! I quit blogging and put a maintenance message saying new blog coming soon. 

But it wasn’t coming soon – until now. So I thought I’d use this post to share 4 things I’ve missed about blogging:

 The Creativity

The great thing about having a blog is the freedom to create. It can be whatever you want from daily outfit posts, delicious recipes or a beauty blog. You can create your own blog layout, pick colours, the photography and etc. It’s endless!


The Community

I honestly do miss the blogging community. Everyone is lovely and no awkwardness involved!  I used to regularly take part in Twitter chats and was a great way to connect with other bloggers, discover new blogs and also promote your blog. There are also Facebook blogger groups again where you can promote your latest post and even organize a blogger meetup.


The Events

I love attending press days/blogger events (not for the goody bags) but to see what the latest collections and projects brands are working on in a warm, friendly and chilled atmosphere. You get to be in the room with the movers and shakers of the industry and it’s a chance to get yourself out there, promote your blog, network with brands/bloggers and can lead to new friendships and brand collaborations.


Working with Brands

The last one ties in with the events as again if you get yourself out there then you may end up working with one of your favourite brands. Working with brands is such a fantastic opportunity and a great way to build a portfolio of projects makes your blog credible. I plan to go back to working with brands again and would recommend reading this post about pitching to brands.

I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know what you enjoy about being a blogger and blogging?

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