My Body Shop Wish List

My love for The Body Shop is still going strong and just can’t seem to get enough of the brand! I recently went on their website last week and saw so many lovely products. How amazing is the Spa of the World collection?!  There are so many things I want that I decided to share some of the products I’m currently coveting into a wish list:

My Body Shop Wish List

1. Massage Oil, £14 | 2. Honeycomb Shaped Soap, £2 | 3. Body Scrub, £13 | 4. Lip Balm, £4 | 5. Body Scrub, £18 | 6. Body Butter, £14 | 7. Face Perfector,£14 | 8. Cuticle Oil, £7.50

Get your First GlowwBox for £5.95!

GlowwBox USA All Stars Edition
Photo credit: GlowwBox

It feels good to be blogging again after so long. To make it up to my lovely readers, I have teamed up GlowwBox – a beauty subscription box for women of colour (read more here) to claim your first box for just £5.95! All you have to do is sign up and enter promo code PGF when you checkout to get your discount on this month’s USA All Stars Special Edition box packed with American treats. Hurry this months offer ends on the 31st August 2015!


Laced up Heels

Apologies for the lack of posts over the past couple of weeks. I’ve been without a laptop and been going through some personal issues. It’s feels great to be blogging again and hope to get back to my regular schedule. My shopping trolley this week is all about lace up heels. I’ve seen this style all summer long and it’s a great alternative to the classic heel. The Topshop number would look great with jeans whilst the Very style would be perfect for a night out.

The Lace up Edit - Tied Up


1. Topshop Black Lace Heels, £55 | 2. Dune Grey Lace up Heels, £79 | 3. Very Blue Lace up Heels, £28 (coming soon) | 4. Pretty Little Things Snake Print Lace up Heels, £25

Are you a fan of lace ups? Which style would you add to your shopping trolley?


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