Club Tropicana

When I think of tropical weather, sandy beaches and palm trees comes to mind. There’s nothing like having sand in your toes, wearing a gorgeous bikini and drinking cocktails. Unfortunately not all of us has the privilege to jet off to the Bahamas or Bora Bora but we can bring that holiday vibe to our wardrobes. Unwind and feel the breeze with these tropical inspired styles that will transport to exotic paradise. Think juicy fruits, relaxed silhouettes and fun in the sun. 


Club Tropicana, Tropical Fashion

1. Embellished Pineapple Bag, £35 | 2.Tropical Platform heels, £29.99  | 3. Orange Print Shirt, £32 | 4. Tropical Print Bikini, £34 | 5. Watermelon Stud Earrings, £18 | 6. Tropical Mirror Print Maxi Dress, £220

Where are you travelling to this summer? What countries are on your bucket list? Which pieces above have caught your eye?




9 Ways to Blog on a Budget

blogging on a budget

Photo credit: Pinterest

As much as I love blogging, it’s one hell of an expensive hobby. From paying monthly hosting to purchasing the latest beauty products, it can really burn a hole in your pocket. I decided to create a special guide on 10 ways to blog on a budget to help keep the costs down and creativity high up.

1. Search through your current wardrobe and beauty cupboard

The best place to start when it comes to blogging on a budget is to first check your wardrobe. What have you recently bought that you haven’t worn yet? Any lipsticks or eyeshadow gathering dust in your makeup drawer? Unopened Christmas gifts? You’ll be surprised what hidden treasures are lurking in your room.

2. Kindly ask PRs for samples

Getting samples from PRs is no stranger to bloggers. Usually PRs send freebies out of the blue while other times you can ask for samples. This should be done with caution. Don’t go sending emails demanding freebies. Poliety introduce your blog and say you’re interested in reviewing their latest product in exchange for a blog post. You can even request to be on their press list to hear about the latest news from their clients. If they say no don’t feel offended and start ranting on Twitter. PRs have limited amount of samples and are selective about who gets what. You can email PRs directly (just google fashion pr companies in London or beauty pr companies in London) or use blogging outreach programmes such as Bloggers Required or send out a tweet saying you would like to collaborate with brands using the #prrequest hashtag.

3. Visit beauty counters in department stores and perfume shops

Head over to your local shopping centre or high street where you can get free samples from the beauty counter in places like Debenhams or House of Fraser. Again, kindly ask the sales advisor for samples and you could easily do a bite size review.

4. Sign up to sample websites

This is a great way to get free samples straight to your inbox. All you have to do is sign up to the newsletter and you can hear about the latest freebie offers. This can range from beauty, travel, health, fashion and so much more. Make sure to check that website is legit before signing up as there are some dodgy ones. The two most popular sites are Latest Free Stuff and Magic Freebies.

5. Shop the sales

I don’t know about you but I love a good bargain. Not only do you save money but it enables you to expand your wardrobe at a discounted rate. The best way to find out about sales is to sign up newsletters and be sure to use promo codes (for example search Matalan promo code 2015).

6. Use Ebay to find cheaper alternative/dupes

Ever since novelty bags have come into the fashion radar from the catwalks of Anya Hindmarch and Moschino, they’ve popped up everywhere and I can’t seem to get enough of them. I’ve seen a number of alterative style/dupes on Ebay from chinese sellers for peanuts. You can do the same for popular fashion trends and grab a bargain. Although shipping will take a couple of weeks (depending on where the seller is based)  it will be worth the wait and be can turned into a fashion haul on youtube or on your blog.

8. Create wish lists and shopping guides favourites

These types of posts are super popular among bloggers as you’re basically browsing online shopping websites and seeing what catches your eye. There’s also the monthly favourites to where you can do a round-up of your favourite items/products that you can recommend to your readers.

9. Do some DIY

If you’re the creative type, get crafty with DIY projects from creating your own necklace to making your own body scrub. There are so many tutorials on Youtube that are easy to follow and fun to do and won’t cost a kidney.

I hope these tips are useful and let me know if you would like to see more of these types of posts. Do you have a blogging budget? Have you got any more tips to add to the list?

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